About Us

We are a leading UK-based electronic recycling company.

We are highly experienced in processing WEEE and metals scrap

We provide a high-quality service to our customers across the world. From our locally based customers in the UK to our downstream vendors. 

Catt2 International Ltd has been trading for over 30 years.

We specialise in recycling mobile phones, computers, laptops and electronic items globally for our customers. Customer service is at the core of what we do- we have established long-term business relationships and contacts.  Please see our Testimonials for more details. 

Our approach to business.

Our vision is a well-guided strategy. We know the benefits of teamwork and, as a company, are committed to providing a high-quality sourcing and brokering service. Our priorities are customer satisfaction and value for money, with our overarching focus on working towards an improved green footprint. 

Why you Need to

Choose Catt2

One to One Connection

We will connect you directly to the supplier or buyer.


We will negotiate on your behalf for the best deals.

24 Hour Service

Our customer service advisors are available 24/7

Trusted Network

We have an established network for all our services